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Re focus Re adjust and Transform



Nirvana Life Coaching brings energy and strength by unlocking your potential and be helping you to learn rather than teaching.

"Where ever life plants you, bloom with grace"

"It all started with a blog"

Nirvana Life Coaching started as a blog called the Devil inside it was a tool i used to educate people, raising awareness and my mental health tool box. 

"Repeat Repeat Repeat"


About Nirvana Life Coach

Life coach for People with Chronic Pain, Illness, disabilities and mental health”

Everybody has a different Story to tell,limitations, struggles, no energy and a feeling of lost and lonely and just not been heard or understood.

With my own philosphy around coaching and using my own experiences and sharing my story. I believe that every person thats living in pain or illness can live a great life, with the right support and understanding and someone who believes in you, the more we learn about our illness and limitations and looking at alternative options and most of all having the confidence to advocate for our self.

You can have a life and one that you can be happy and content with and acheive your goals, as you make changes in your life things become a little easier.



About the Name


Mindfulness of the body Leads to nirvana


When you think of Nirvana maybe Kurt Cobain comes to mind, but Nirvana has a beautiful name meaning and its so fitting with Life Coaching.

Nirvana is a place of peace and happiness, like heaven. In Hindusim and Buddhism nirvana is the highest state that someone can attain, a state of enlightenment, meaning a persons indivdual desires and suffering ago away, Acheiving Nirvana is to make earthly feelings like suffering and desire disappear.


Nirvana-Life Coaching
blog post

Join me on my crazy adventures and few rants and rambles living with chronic pain and invisble illness can be rather entertaining, On the serious side im educating people and raising awarness with my stories.


Meet your Coach


Becoming sick has changed alot about how i see life and it has taught me a few things, appreciation, gattitude and the importance to slow down and enjoy life and how much balance is important, Been a support worker looking after people with disablities and mental health opened my eyes and even with my struggles, people are quick to judge or having someone beside you to help. I love helping people and that is one reason i created Nirvana Life Coaching so i can to help people similar to me, make it affordble and give people a chance to acheive their goals and live their best life.


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