10 ways to live a happy life

We all want to have a happy life, but with the pressures of life, work, family, career etc it can be quite easy to get caught up in the busy and get stuck in a funk.

This is my list of ten things that make my life happy and some what balanced.

  • Eat right and having a well balanced diet.
  • Sleep and rest is so important, making a routine for bedtime, allowing time to just rest .
  • Been around positive people and setting boundaries this will protect your energy and yourself from been hurt.
  • Take a break from social media and been aware of how much you see or read in the media, minimize how much you are looking at.
  • Exercise something simple to get the body moving, it helps relive stress.
  • Practice gratitude, acknowledge one thing your grateful for.
  • Journal writing, writing about the good things, reflecting on things, any thoughts you might have.
  • Plan your week, use a diary and write the things that need to be done like appointments.
  • Take in your surroundings, get out into nature, go to the beach, river, bush walks.
  • Try meditation or yoga, keep it simple don’t over complicate it. It can be as simple as sitting for 5 mins quietly.

Write down ten things that makes your life happy ??

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