2021 reflection

Wind up reflection for the year as my head is in crazy space and writing always helps, when I started this website at the start of year it was just a way for me cope with my life struggles,living with chronic pain and a place where I could vent in some odd way to help others,raise awareness and educate people. This website is been a creation in its own self a true reflection of who I am as a person and the need to help others.

I had the year from hell, in one year I have moved multiple times so having stability has not been easy, not having my own place to call home has been a huge challenge for me and living in someone else space again not easy. I finally closed the door to a relationship that served me no purpose instead I lost my self,lost my voice and confidence, huge wake up a call for me, day I got hit was the day I changed and my path to healing and getting me back started.

I had to face my own trauma instead of hiding from it, learning how to manage my multiple illnesses and realize I need let go of the old me and embrace the new me. Been a mum watching your children grow up into adults and not needing me as much as also been a huge thing for me to process.

Be kind to your self

I’m battling so much with my own health, new illness to challenge me every day I’m battling thus body and sometimes it just feels to much. No matter what I continue to eat healthy and make better choices I been in the gym for nearly year, huge process in my strength and my over all mental health.

New relationship was the last thing in my mind it happened, he’s been amazing and a huge support over the last few weeks im feeling torn it’s like he’s not really listening to me and showing much support, it’s leaving me questioning things my head already so confused as it is, feeling alone is not the greatest feeling. Here’s hoping it’s hickup and things will start feeling like normal at the moment im clouded with uncertainty.

Through the storm comes calm

As I wind up 2021 I can say i survived domestic abuse,created a magazine,learnt who I am and most of a journey of healing and self discovery. I’m not sure what 2022 has in stored for me I’m ready to close the door to 2021.

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