Good morning and welcome to another week, let’s start the week right and in a positive way.

Recap every Monday the theme is to start the week right,changing your mindset and adding in a few things to your Monday to ensure you start the week right.

This week focus on your mindset and start your days with a positive mind, the use of affirmations is a great way to start a new and positive mindset. So here’s a few benefits to adding daily affirmations to your life.

Benefits of affirmations

  • Becoming aware of your thoughts
  • They keep you grounded and surround by the things you want in life.
  • Allows you show,have gratitude.
  • Boosts confidence
  • Change your negative thoughts into positive
  • Motivates you
  • Keeps you focused on your goals

Have a look on Pinterest, google and write a few affirmations down go with the ones you are drawn to, each morning add saying an affirmation, see the results for your self.

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