Alternative to pharmaceutical

Part Two

This is the second part of this topic and i do hope you read the first one i like hear peoples views on this subject. In my role as a support worker (mental health and disabilities)we would encourage independence and ensuring they set goals and work towards them and we also follow and implement the Maori Health Model its holistic approach and its way to remind you look after self and the different aspects of your life to support good health and your mental health. Te Whare tapu wha was developed by sir Mason Durie in 1984 and has 4 dimensions of well being they are the following:

  • Taha Tinana-Physical well being
  • Taha Hinengaro-Mental and emotional well being/self confidence
  • Taha Whenua-Social Well being, self esteem
  • Taha Wairua- Spirtual well being and personal beliefs

With 4 walls of the wharenui (meeting house) is the symbol of these and the wharenui’s connection with the whenua(land)and forms the foundation for the other 4 dimensions. I found a video that really sits with me and has aspects of the above in it and looking from a Maori approach to mental health practice.

The last year i have been learning Maori and getting a better understanding of the traditional and the Maori culture not only to help me as a support worker i learnt about Ronga Maori health its something that has been passed down, Ronga includes herbal remedies and Physical therapies like massage and manipulation and spiritual healing using plants to create creams and balms the list is endless unfortunately colonisation in New Zealand has seen this practice slowly disappear again i have attached a Video go have look learn more about Ronga honesty its really fascinating.

This comes to the end of of part two more alternative practices and how they can help your over all health dont get me wrong we still need medications for particular things its more opening up your mind and looking into alternative medicine and just seeing the benefit is it worth the switch, why can doctors not work alongside these alternatives and be more open to things why does our health come down to big pharmaceutical companies wanting to make money off sick people or there medicines can do more harm then good. Tomorrow im going into the most heated conversation Cannabis the benefits of it and why more more people are turning to it. Again i leave with this alternative or pharmaceutical that is the choice.

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