Alternative to Pharmaceutical

Part Three

The subject that every one likes to debate about and causes a divide should New Zealand legalise cannabis at this present time some New Zealanders were against it and was enough for it not to become legal and yes we have access to medical need get prescription from your doctor to access it and then here comes the kicker the price is just out reach for some people, the below link is example how someone could get cannabis.

How to purchase CBD

The question is what are the benefits of cannabis great for pain management,reducing inflammation, sleep management, mental disorders and the brain the list is endless if we go back in time it was used as a medical plant and not to get high and i think that where people need to do bit of researching before making a judgement, personally i have taken to this alternative medicine the doctors have over prescribed me for years with ibuprofen and Naproxen and other medications and has left me with gastritis this is where my stomach lining is near gone and inflamed, red i had to change my diet and i have reflux to boot and trust me it sucks ass, im all for legalising as a person with chronic pain cannabis gets me through the worst days and i have CBD as well i have to be criminal to feel better as none of this is not legal in New Zealand, we have amazing people called green fairy’s that make amazing products and helps so many people but again its legal, it makes no sense to me at all i know there is the bad with cannabis and some people are complete dicks on it but that is only a small portion,you trying living in a body that battles with you every day the pain, nausea the list is endless. we not wanting to get high we wanting to feel some what normal for one day is that a small ask.

Im going to leave it there and leave you to ponder the question alternative to pharmaceutical, tomorrow all about the pharmaceutical world the pros and cons and my experiences in my own life also what i seen as a support worker

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