Alternative to Pharmaceutical

Part One

When i got sick i honestly could not believe how doctors would rather prescribe medications in the hope this will either fix the issue or lets hope or if this does not work we try something else. I honestly cant count how many different meds i had i honestly felt like a lab rat and the medication either did stuff all or create other issues that i would later find out down the track.This has always been on my mind what is better alternative or pharmaceutical i have seen the effects of prescribed drugs not only on my self but what has done to the people that i use to look after, and to be fair its quite sad and we cant ignore the fact that when it comes to mental health they quick to shove tablets down your throat instead of seeing what that actual issue is and how can we can help this people because i no personally for my self and people i have talked to have said the same thing i feel worst, im addicted to my medication, its not doing anything the list is endless so its brings me back to the that question what is better alternative or pharmaceutical ??Lets look at alternative remember this is my view and researched on good ole google. So alternative medicine system works on five areas The mind and body, biologically based treatments, manipulative and body base methods and energy therapies so i had google these no laughing i know some stuff not all.

  • mind and body this things like relaxation, medication, yoga, tai chi and hypnosis looking after your mental health the thoughts,feelings and beliefs and many more other things can effect the mind then this can effect the rest of the body.
  • biologically based treatments are things like sound energy, light therapy, magnetic therapy the use of nature herbs, foods these can help strengthen, heal and balance the body
  • Manipulative and body base methods where you use a chiropractor and massage therapy this manipulates parts in the body to move or manipulate to relief stress, anxiety, pain
  • Energy therapies are where you use reiki, healing and therapeutic touch this to balance the energy flow in a person can help with anxiety and reducing stress.

So this is my first part to this topic and ill be adding to this each day as its a topic that im passionate about and one where im more sitting on the fence to is alternative better than pharmaceutical, tomorrow ill talk about a awesome Maori health model that i use in my line of work as a support worker looking after people with mental health and disabilities and i talk about Maori medicine known as Rongoa and wee bit of history and the benefits something i been studying as i can implement this in my own journey and have a better understanding of Maori culture.

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