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Feburary the 5th was my last day of work and i honestly had no idea how i would cope with out the structure and not going and seeing the people i look after it was like a blank book with a new page and this was my time to start all over there was three things i had to do for this new chapter to start.

  • Accept that i have illness and i always will have chronic pain and this not the end but only the start of something new and wonderful.
  • Create a new routine and try new things
  • Look into more alternative ways of helping me on a daily

And most of all its time to share my story and raise awarness and educate people along the way.

So i have sucessfully have joined a gym and its week three now, and im been eating less and more healthy and created a new morning routine,

I have just enrolled to do a certificate in Life coaching and start building the steps into becoming a life coach.

If this is something you might be intrested please subscribed to my blog to be ensured you always know whats happening on my blog and send me email so i can create a list for those that are intrested.

I have put together a slide show on what the benefits of having a life coach and why im quite passionte about this, i love to here your thoughts on this.

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