“Bed is the new office”

Arghhh, the comfort of my bed is my small space of chaos and is my swanky office.

The day that i was dreading, if i were to be completely honest, i literally had fallen apart,complete breakdown, and a massive realization

🌈My days of working crazy hours gone

🌈My days when i could just go and socialize gone

🌈My days of random road trips gone

🌈My days of being able to watch my sons rugby game gone

🌈My days of going shopping are gone

There were so many things to process, and it was like I was relearning life all over again. My days of been in bed were getting more frequent and at times I would fall back into bad habits, had to go into survival mode and start all over again. I just knew the univerese was trying to tell me something i was consumed by darkness and navigating through abuse and just trying to be mum and make it to the next day. Through these dark moments of my life and understanding my new life, illness, etc, i realized people just sucked ignorance, and lack of understanding was right up there because no one could see my illnesses. My next thought was I have so much to say and have my own story to tell.

Change of careers and becoming a support worker and putting all my ideas, my own challenges, and thoughts and creating a blog . Just like that, i started building my life coaching business. it’s an adventure.

Probably what you are unaware of in amoungst my own struggles and my own challenges Nirvana life and wellness coaching my business has been created from my bed, regardless of how crappy i feel im creating my passion and my vision. I have been sick for quite a while now and I’ve always said to myself I was never going to let any of illnesses or pain defined as a person,

I am not this sickness

I am not the illness

I am not the pain

Because there is so much more to me then that and it’s always been like my got to motto “Do not let this define me or let this overtake me”, sadly in the last 2 years more so prominent then anything after i was assaulted, I was dealing with a lot of right side and face problem issues and I was getting a few headaches which is nothing unusual I’m a migraine sufferers, got a little bit worse and then I started getting really bad sinus infections and then once I disclosed to the doctor in regards to my assult all started sort of unravelling that I was probably suffering from post concussion syndrome nothing was said about it again till I moved back home and then it was brought to the doctors attention here, I was referred to a specialist and it was confirmed I had TMJ,I have quite a lot muscles around my neck that are locked up etc, physio would be a good idea so here so I’ve been doing physio, needling, massage, increased my exercise I’ve been literally doing everything and my head has not improved even on a sleep machine and still hasn’t helped with my head issues.

Two years of headaches and feeling drunk or wiped out, with this new diagnosis of Idapathic cranial hypertension, basically is pressure in my brain so I’ve been very bedridden and life is lonley somedays.

I can only really do 15 hours at the most when it comes to work,sadly my days are number to 20 hours, knowing there may come a time where i stop working, building my buisness is so important to me. So my business is my my baby it’s it’s my passion its what I’m excited about it’s a place where I can write it’s a place where I can vent, it helps with my mental health and then it also educates people, raise awareness it’s it’s to empower other people.

I’m building my buisness and good amount of my time is in bed, we all go through shit and sometimes it’s real heavy shit but there is a way through it there is a way to navigate through it, never let the following win.

  • The pain
  • The demons in your head
  • The illness or disease
  • The hate
  • The hurt
  • The inner critic
  • Created a website
  • Created a membership
  • Written two workbooks
  • Writing my third workbook
  • Have customers
  • Aligned with the HSE
  • Acheived personal development certificates
  • Life coaching certificate
  • Promotion
  • Creating a plan for customer



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