Behind the Quote

This quote has stuck with me for many years, you think of the word fear what do you think of ???

Rise above

Fear the feeling, the emotion of danger,Pain, harm,the unknown and been afraid of something. We stop and look at life and the choices we make and decisions it all can be scary and a place that people don’t really want to go and explore. The thought of trying new things,new career, relationship,studies the list is endless all these things bring fear.

Instead of been so scared and letting fear get in the way,stand up, take control and rise above it all. I personally have survived and left a toxic relationship and still to this day I’m faced with fear as I take on the journey of healing, I face fear everyday when I wake up I have no idea what my body will do day to day.

I get up every day and I face every challenge with strength and dertimination, fear doesn’t have a place to fester.


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