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Life coach for nirvana life coaching

Behind the scenes of Nirvana life Coaching, I’m on own personal journey of self discovery a journey of healing.

I’m only human just like you,we aloud to have crap days,confused days,give up days and these are the days that give us the strength to keep going,those days are days where you can reflect and make the next day better. Never feel like you have to always be smiling, happy, remember you are only human.

Be kind to your self,have respect for your self and have days that are just about you, take your self out for coffee,go to the gym,treat your self.

There are some amazing things happening in my life right now, I’m reconnecting with old friends and family, new gym,started yoga and meeting some amazing people. I have learnt I have outgrown some people and won’t settle for less then I deserve, I’m more focused on my life coaching business and learnt to use my voice,growing confidence every day.

As for Nirvana life Coaching it’s growing,there so many new people joining the community and I love for you leave a comment where your from. I have launched my first online course,revamping the website, magazine two in the making and have one book out go have a look.

There is something really cool coming to nirvana life coaching I’m pretty excited so stay posted everyone. Stay safe

Life is beautiful ❤️

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