Bridge of transformation

I feel like im lost and just wandering the same path, im on this journey of self discovery and healing. The path has veered me off course many times and I have always found my way back to this particular path.

As im walking i hear the forest ground crunching under my feet, the wildlife communicating with their own sound, trees moving in the wind,sun glistening thru. I just get lost in the moment and think how far I have come and how beautiful this path really is and it’s only now you see the beauty not the nightmare.

Think about how much I have grown, the things I have survived, the challenges and hurdles and this path couldn’t get any better. Come to a wee clearing the sound of water and there is the most amazing bridge and vibrant pink cherry blossom trees.


It’s at this point I’m standing at the bridge and I just get this surreal feeling that im going to be ok and good things are coming my way.

Hearing the water under the bridge gives me the calm feeling as i gaze up see the cherry blossom trees in full bloom, with the petals under my feet, beautiful lotus flower amongst the lily pads reminds me why I become a life coach,i get lost in the surroundings.

I have one decision to make cross this bridge and see what’s on the other side or keep walking the path along the river.

I made the decision to cross this beautiful bridge, with every step I embrace my new surroundings and reflect on my journey to this point. What awaits me on the other side is a mystery.

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