“BRRR cold weather you either love it or hate it”

Winter is different in particular parts of New Zealand, some places experience snow, other places just experience alot of rain and temperature change.

Winter and i have a love hate relationship, nothing beats the warmth of electric blanket, nice hot cup of milo, some homes still experience the good ole fire and that brings up some cool memories of a home i rented with a fire, the kids would toast there marshmellows on, we all bunk in the lounge with mattresses and blankets and watch movies.

For me personally been chroniclly ill and living with chronic pain i experience heightned muscle pain, cant regulate my temperature that well its a bit of joke in the house as i have fan going, electric blanket in the middle of winter, my faituge levels are high and the constant need for rest. I also go into bear mode so i like to hibernate and eat good ole  homemade pumpkin soup, get the crock pot out and cook some stews, casseroles with fresh bread.

As you see i dont hate winter but the ole body hates winter

Winter here in New Zealand starts on the 1st june to the 1st September and this where the ski feilds open, calving season starts on many dairy farms here, some children are lucky to have snow days instead of school depending on what part of New Zealand.

Stepping outside on cold winters day, where once was water is now ice, seeing the spiderwebs glisten on the fence as the sun sneaks through, stomping on ice puddles to break them, getting in the car on cold morning and we all fighting to get the heater cranking, the weekends brings the comforts of staying in bed a bit later then normal. Watching nature change and animals go to hide in winter.

Winter has its perks its not my favourite season im more of spring person

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