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  • Session one-understanding domestic violence

    Session one-understanding domestic violence

    Took the first step, 12 week programme with living with out violence, today’s lesson understand domestic violence.

  • “Im no longer that person”

    “Im no longer that person”

    I just did another big step in my personal journey of coming out of domestic voilence, sharing my steps that i have done in the last year to get to where i am today.

  • One year on

    One year on

    Can not believe how much my life changed in a year. A year ago was the monster he emerged with black eyes and full of anger, I will not forget the day I was pushed into a wall and no way of getting away from the monster and feeling the fist connect with my face…

  • “The Monster”

    “The Monster”

    The monster is always watching and lurking in the shadows, my story on domestic violence.

  • Yoga/Thurs vibes

  • Innocence was taken

    Innocence was taken

    The last week has come with its highs and lows and plenty of questions and can’t forget reality check and things that have left me and the mind boggled. My life has never been easy, nor have I had normal and to me normal is mum/dad live in the same house etc. I was born…

  • The journey of healing

    The journey of healing

    The power of healing is an amazing feeling and a journey of self love and change, take a deep breath in and deep breath out, life is good and ment to be lived, no more hiding take life by the horns and lets go on adventure.

  • Trauma is survivable

    Trauma is survivable

    Trauma and the effects it has on a person, this is my story…..

  • Healing begins

    Healing begins

    Battered women syndrome, it’s real and I survived.