Alternative to Pharmaceutical

Part Three

The subject that every one likes to debate about and causes a divide should New Zealand legalise cannabis at this present time some New Zealanders were against it and was enough for it not to become legal and yes we have access to medical need get prescription from your doctor to access it and then here comes the kicker the price is just out reach for some people, the below link is example how someone could get cannabis.

How to purchase CBD

The question is what are the benefits of cannabis great for pain management,reducing inflammation, sleep management, mental disorders and the brain the list is endless if we go back in time it was used as a medical plant and not to get high and i think that where people need to do bit of researching before making a judgement, personally i have taken to this alternative medicine the doctors have over prescribed me for years with ibuprofen and Naproxen and other medications and has left me with gastritis this is where my stomach lining is near gone and inflamed, red i had to change my diet and i have reflux to boot and trust me it sucks ass, im all for legalising as a person with chronic pain cannabis gets me through the worst days and i have CBD as well i have to be criminal to feel better as none of this is not legal in New Zealand, we have amazing people called green fairy’s that make amazing products and helps so many people but again its legal, it makes no sense to me at all i know there is the bad with cannabis and some people are complete dicks on it but that is only a small portion,you trying living in a body that battles with you every day the pain, nausea the list is endless. we not wanting to get high we wanting to feel some what normal for one day is that a small ask.

Im going to leave it there and leave you to ponder the question alternative to pharmaceutical, tomorrow all about the pharmaceutical world the pros and cons and my experiences in my own life also what i seen as a support worker

Alternative to pharmaceutical

Part Two

This is the second part of this topic and i do hope you read the first one i like hear peoples views on this subject. In my role as a support worker (mental health and disabilities)we would encourage independence and ensuring they set goals and work towards them and we also follow and implement the Maori Health Model its holistic approach and its way to remind you look after self and the different aspects of your life to support good health and your mental health. Te Whare tapu wha was developed by sir Mason Durie in 1984 and has 4 dimensions of well being they are the following:

  • Taha Tinana-Physical well being
  • Taha Hinengaro-Mental and emotional well being/self confidence
  • Taha Whenua-Social Well being, self esteem
  • Taha Wairua- Spirtual well being and personal beliefs

With 4 walls of the wharenui (meeting house) is the symbol of these and the wharenui’s connection with the whenua(land)and forms the foundation for the other 4 dimensions. I found a video that really sits with me and has aspects of the above in it and looking from a Maori approach to mental health practice.

The last year i have been learning Maori and getting a better understanding of the traditional and the Maori culture not only to help me as a support worker i learnt about Ronga Maori health its something that has been passed down, Ronga includes herbal remedies and Physical therapies like massage and manipulation and spiritual healing using plants to create creams and balms the list is endless unfortunately colonisation in New Zealand has seen this practice slowly disappear again i have attached a Video go have look learn more about Ronga honesty its really fascinating.

This comes to the end of of part two more alternative practices and how they can help your over all health dont get me wrong we still need medications for particular things its more opening up your mind and looking into alternative medicine and just seeing the benefit is it worth the switch, why can doctors not work alongside these alternatives and be more open to things why does our health come down to big pharmaceutical companies wanting to make money off sick people or there medicines can do more harm then good. Tomorrow im going into the most heated conversation Cannabis the benefits of it and why more more people are turning to it. Again i leave with this alternative or pharmaceutical that is the choice.

Alternative to Pharmaceutical

Part One

When i got sick i honestly could not believe how doctors would rather prescribe medications in the hope this will either fix the issue or lets hope or if this does not work we try something else. I honestly cant count how many different meds i had i honestly felt like a lab rat and the medication either did stuff all or create other issues that i would later find out down the track.This has always been on my mind what is better alternative or pharmaceutical i have seen the effects of prescribed drugs not only on my self but what has done to the people that i use to look after, and to be fair its quite sad and we cant ignore the fact that when it comes to mental health they quick to shove tablets down your throat instead of seeing what that actual issue is and how can we can help this people because i no personally for my self and people i have talked to have said the same thing i feel worst, im addicted to my medication, its not doing anything the list is endless so its brings me back to the that question what is better alternative or pharmaceutical ??Lets look at alternative remember this is my view and researched on good ole google. So alternative medicine system works on five areas The mind and body, biologically based treatments, manipulative and body base methods and energy therapies so i had google these no laughing i know some stuff not all.

  • mind and body this things like relaxation, medication, yoga, tai chi and hypnosis looking after your mental health the thoughts,feelings and beliefs and many more other things can effect the mind then this can effect the rest of the body.
  • biologically based treatments are things like sound energy, light therapy, magnetic therapy the use of nature herbs, foods these can help strengthen, heal and balance the body
  • Manipulative and body base methods where you use a chiropractor and massage therapy this manipulates parts in the body to move or manipulate to relief stress, anxiety, pain
  • Energy therapies are where you use reiki, healing and therapeutic touch this to balance the energy flow in a person can help with anxiety and reducing stress.

So this is my first part to this topic and ill be adding to this each day as its a topic that im passionate about and one where im more sitting on the fence to is alternative better than pharmaceutical, tomorrow ill talk about a awesome Maori health model that i use in my line of work as a support worker looking after people with mental health and disabilities and i talk about Maori medicine known as Rongoa and wee bit of history and the benefits something i been studying as i can implement this in my own journey and have a better understanding of Maori culture.

Sucide is raising

I’m in alot of support groups online and unfortunately I’m reading more and more that another endo sister has taken her life, why sucide you ask because you can only cope with so much, the stigma around invisible illness, lack of support the no cure the list is endless and it is sad that women feel sucide is there is only last option. This is one of reasons I started this blog to raise awareness and educate people around chronic pain and illness, how many more must die before change happens ??

Rest in peace beautiful ❤️

The constant pain

Fibromyalgia its a funny word and people call it fibro for short, its a long term condition with no cure and its condition where research is still happening so it can be understood better. About 1 in 50 people will develop it and any stage of their life around the ages of 25 and 55 and it effects women more than me, there are children and teenagers that can have it.

  • Fibromyalgia is a term used to describe widespread pain and tenderness in different areas of your body.
  • It is thought to be a disorder of the way the nervous system processes sensory information
  • Fibromyalgia pain lasts longer than 3 months and often comes and goes. People with fibromyalgia usually have other symptoms including fatigue, poor sleep, difficulty concentrating and sensitivity of their bladder and bowels.
  • Living with fibromyalgia can be hard to understand and may be difficult to accept. Most people live well with fibromyalgia once they have learned ways of coping with the problems it can pose even if the pain is still there.
  • The goals of treatment are to improve your sleep, increase your ability to do the things you want to do while also reducing your pain.
  • Medications are not very effective in treating fibromyalgia. Fortunately, It is possible to live well and manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia without medications.

I honestly had no idea what this what nor understand it and still remember been at work and every part of me was aching and i went home took some pain pills and went to bed, over time i was so tired and i felt like i was forgetting the simplest things the list was endless went to dr and went through some questions and came back said i chronic faituge and then did a simple pain test which is tender points so out of 18 i had 14, anybody with fibro knows touching us can cause many sensations. Also i was not prepared or the amount of symptoms there were so im living with a body that just hate me not only do i have to try to battle a another condition came with how much will this affect my life, fibro on its own is debilitating let alone i have a thyroid condition, endometriosis. It was time for more changes for me to do and this meant all my years of studying in hospitality was over my dream of me been a event planner was a distance memory as standing became harder and been so tired not a tired where a sleep would fix and the constant pain became my new normal.

What was life going to look at from here on in and what career could i do there was no i was allowing this to beat me….

March is endometriosis month

March is endometriosis month, celebrated all over world, different countries do different things like Marching and spreading awareness through facebook and other media platforms. The traditional colour is yellow and I have made so many friends in different countries through groups on facebook and it makes the crappy days little more enjoyable knowing you have support, every country is different some ladies suffer in agony and in pain as health care is not free, some have no choice to work because with out working they have no money. Here in New Zealand we are lucky but so much more is needed to support us and it comes down to having the right care from the start, unfortunately I had some pretty shitty drs and they quick to flick you off or tell you to loose weight, your only mild that can’t be causing the pain. If my blog can create awareness and understanding that endo is real and it’s more than a bad period then I’m happy.

As we coming into April now ill leave you with the following videos enjoy:

Endometriosis NZ

The thingy in my neck

Few years back when my health took a real turn for the worst when i become so tired and no matter how hard i tried to eat healthy and keep active the weight was not falling off me i honestly felt like i had turned into sloth and wanted to sleep all the time. i knew this was more than my endo. The doctor ran some blood tests and i was called in and that when he explained i have in active thyroid…What is a thyroid ??? and how important is it ??? and is treatable ??? were the questions that ran through my head and little did i know that was about to tip my world upside let alone feeling like a lab rat, the medication is a trail and error and working how much hormone my body needed to reboot the thyroid so it start working again.

“The thyroid is butterfly shaped glad found in your neck and this produces hormones that are vital to the body like keeping you warm, brain,heart and muscles and organs working. The only treatment is to replacement thyroxine given in a form of a tablet”

Seems a simple fix take a tablet and regular blood tests to ensure the tablet is working im receiving the right dose, three plus years mine has the done complete opposite to what it was suppose to do and this has become one of the biggest struggles i face each day,my levels as of Jan mine were 38.94 be interesting see what my new blood results say.Currently my heart has a murmur that has been picked up, swelling in my arms and legs, decreased in eating and the good ole Hypothyroidism is big fancy name i hear it alot from the doctor and i started at 50mg of thyroxine and the highest i been is 250mg and in last few weeks been on 150mg to see if this would make a difference this has been a battle for three plus years knowing that normal levels are meant to be TSH 0.27-4.2 and im still no closer to having the right levels every day i battle thru the no energy, just getting dressed put my heart into spin and then im left breathless and dont get me starting on the number twos. I had to leave my job and alot of my goals are been put on hold, i loved my job one that i greatly missed it is a big motivation for me to continue to fight, the hardest thing im finding is not sure what to do with all this time on my hands i never been forced to rest and basically reset my self hense the reason i started this blog not only help me but i learnt that people need to be educated.and aware about this condition for people they look at me and never think im actually sick and im not chunky because i eat to much or i dont exercise or im making up excuses to get out of social events this crap right here has left me lonely, struggling have relationships with kids and partner, i have lost friends and family along the way, its one of the hardest things i been through i have multiple things wrong me so they all have effect on me in some way.

Before you Judge stop and think??? if you have friends or family that have invisible illness learn about it and show empathy and compassion and offer to help.

Where it all begin

I have had endometriosis since 2003 and honestly im super grateful that i had two beautiful girls back then i no so many people that struggle to have a child let alone children. Endo is my Freddy and he is my nightmare….. Every month is different for me some days are just worst then others, i have days where my bed is my best friend just like Mr electric blanket or a wheat pack and half a pile of pain medications get me through get me through the day.I never thought endo would effect every part of my life i had failed relationships they were not prepared for the mood changes, the bad days let alone how much intimacy can be effected so inside of supporting me it led to me raising my children on my own and doing all i can to not let this stop me from building my career and giving them the best life i could, i also did not think that i would i loose family and friends as well so it become a lonely journey and i learnt very quickly that i had try to manage this the best way i could. I had days where i have cried, wanted it to end the pain for one day and i had days where i just hid my self away from the world because no one told me that it would have some embarrassing moments along the way like bleeding through clothes, constant nausea and looking like im pregnant all the time that is when i learnt how to laugh through the bad days and create my own sense of humour. Since i was diagnosed i had a few surgery’s this is key hole and they remove or burn the endo off, had many examinations they were not comfortable its like been stabbed with a knife they are necessary i guess, had mirena iud put in to stop the bleeding and try to help with the moods etc and i made the decision to have my tubes tied as having a another baby was to much for body. So there is wee insight to one of my illness as i said this was only the beginning of what was about to come…