I am my own super hero…

Start the morning off right,take a deep breath in then blow all the yuck stuff out,new day to fill our feel good jars…

Today I have been blessed to wake up with all my children under one roof and the cheeky smiles of my grandson.

Ostrich’s swim but they can’t fly

Joke of the day 🀣🀣🀣

Where does lion go to the gym??? A jungle gym

Thought of the day 

"Success is not the key to happiness.Happiness is the key to success. If you love what your doing,you will be successful".Albert Schweitzer

How’s your morning going so far ???

“Fill our feel good jars”

People are funny wee creatures no matter how much I’m in pain or just completely feel like crap,I have this natural thing I do when I see people…

Hey beautiful πŸ’“hey Hun and today was no different a lady from the gym smiled and her reply was I don’t feel it but thank you, it left me wondering if we were all a little bit more friendly and gave some one a compliment, I bet that lady had a good day, boost of confidence.

I have made more of effort when I visit shops, spark up a wee conversation,add a compliment,add have a nice day regardless of their mood or how I’m feeling, I’m left feeling happy and just adds to my feel good jar. When was the last time you walked into shop and gave a worker a compliment ??? Think about this we don’t know their story, they could be stressed, family problems the list is endless and that one compliment just made there day and filled there feel good jar.

It’s time to fill people’s feel good jars, we all going through covid and our lives look very now and it’s times like this we need to build people up.πŸ’•

Change comes from reflection

I have been a bit quite lately I had alot on my plate let alone a complete emotional basket case, the ole head been a bit forgettable.

The last 8 days I’m been doing my grateful challenge and i hope your been reading and having time to maybe look at yourself and challenge your self, I have found it great it’s opened up my mind and taking me to a place to reflect.

My best friend pasted away a year ago on his daughters birthday, its been a time of sharing memories, reflecting and celebrations in the last few days and definitely makes you think you just don’t know what tommorow will bring let alone when your times up on earth. Last night was fish n chips and a bourbon at the beach at one of his favourite spots.

It’s not good bye I’ll see you soon

Got some self care in hair trim and a colour and took my daughter out for sushi.

My view for the early drive to see my daughter

I have passed my first paper for my life coaching certificate 81%,and it’s got me excited so I can offically say I have name NirVana life coaching and created a mission statement so keep checking my blog for updates.

Business logo

As of yesterday officially finished my certificate in tikanga Maori, I have loved this journey and learnt so much.

Tommorow the day I get my weigh in and measurements 7 weeks gym life and as much as it’s hard to push thru the pain, faituge and keep going, well recommend water aerobics with anyone with a disiblities or chronic pain.

Mother’s day 2021

Mother’s day for me is reminder that my own mother let me down and was not the best role model, unfortunately she will never admit this, been at least 6 years that I had anything to do with her and trust me it was not easy decision to make, walking away from toxic behavior and knowing my children should of been looked after instead it was the total opposite. I vowed from the day I left home I never be that mother and do right by my children.

Mother’s day 2021 has been one the best, breakie with my bestie and her hubby as this is her first mums day and becoming a mum has come with challenges for her and I’m so happy she got blessed with an amazing wee boy, spending time with them is the best as my partner said need to do it more. Every mother’s day always comes with homemade card form my youngest daughter and a wee plant and pizza for dinner. My partner got me a multi blender so home made smoothies are been created.

To all mums and the dad’s that doing the role, enjoy your day and remember it’s not about the presents, it’s about creating memories and reflecting and showing gratitude.