Look what’s coming…

What’s coming next week.

  • Daily affirmations
  • Weekly challenge
  • Weekly blog post
  • Interactive discussion

I’m really passionate about Nirvana Life Coaching, I want to help people to achieve their goals and live their best life. I want people to be interactive on the page so don’t be shy, thank you to everyone who is following, don’t forget to subscribed to keep up to date with things.

The monthly subscription is available, I love to see some people come on board and get the most out of life as we only have one life.

I’m doing a free introduction this good way for my self and you to have a chat and see where you are in life and put you on the waiting list for the launch of the courses, feel free to message me,email me.

I do have a Facebook page and I just want to share this review, and this why I do what I do.

My brain hurts!!!

I have spent the last couple days recreating my website, and there are still things to tweak and this where I say been a perfectionist is not always a good thing, but I will get there as long as the laptop behaves and the internet don’t cut out.

Nirvana is my passion project and I’m super excited so at least the next 6 months are going to be exciting and busy and preparing for Nirvana’s launch of its courses, so the countdown starts

There now a option for a weekly newsletter so everyone click the button to sign up.

Everyone who subscribes to Nirvana will start receiving an email at the start of the week with an affirmation. Got to get the good vibes going…

Join me on this journey, don’t be shy say hello,leave me a comment,hit the like button so I know you like my ramblings.

Change is happening

I have successfully have a name for my life coaching and now I have had huge brain fart and spent the last few hours writing my ideas and creating my plans. I have found what area I want to focus on is people living with mental health and disabilities, chronic pain and invisible illness.

This is something I’m passionate about as I know personally what’s like to live with chronic pain an invisible illness, I believe there is not enough people to show us support or to reach our potential, to many people give up on us and flick us to the side or we are put in the hard basket.

I’m about to unleash a new and improved website and one that reflects my transformation and one that shows me kicking lifes ass one day at time. The Devil inside will be changing to Nirvana Life Coaching with a new fresh look, this includes Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.

I’m currently studying life coaching and building my website,creating programmes and prices so in the meantime I’ll be building relationships ,offering daily affirmations, free introduction, subscribe option,my blog will be incorporated.

Stay tuned,keep watching for the updates

Nirvana Life Coaching in the making…

I have sucessfully completed my first paper “The principles of life coaching” 81% not to bad at all i can share my fist part of my step becoming a life coach and created a video to share with you all, im passonate to help people and im looking for feedback and would love to here from you. I want to create my own courses and i want it to be exciting so adding challanges makes you more motivated and brings the fun factor i want you to get the best from my coaching as most of you get you to live your best life and acheive your goals.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

This is my next topic I’ll be talking about, gratitude is about been thankful and showing appreciation, did you realize the benefits of gratitude and what does to our body and mind.

With covid and living in such unpredicted times,we all should know how scary things are and we don’t know what can happen tommorow, appreciate the small things in life and show gratitude in every thing you do.

Today I’m grateful for the great weather and spending time with my family,getting in the car and exploring new places.

Do You Need Life Coaching?

As your aware i have jumped into the world of life coaching and works great for me as its all online and i have to October to finish did it cost me yes it di but i believe im on the right path for me, I started this blog to share my rants and ramblings and to raise awaness and educate people along the way and this where the idea of life coaching jumped in my thoughts and never left.

Im studying through career academy and i have to papers to do and i have to have a pass rate of 80% to pass each paper nothing like a bit of pressure and another thing to add to my motivation and goal list, Why life coaching?? i love to help people and as i have already been working with people with mental health and disabilities and its so rewarding, i love to see people acheive thier goals and motivate people and i want to share my story to inspire others to go out and kick lifes butt one goal at a time.

I personally have been to the bottom and i had to climb my ass out of the dark hole some of those things that got me there were my own doing and some were the people around me dragging me down, i had to make some hard choices, decsions and most of i lost my girls for 7 years and 7 years i will never get back i had to fight through systems to get my girls home and i had to become the best person i can be no matter what life throws at me, when i started getting sick i stilled push though work, continued to study and upskill, rasie my kids and a run a house and enjoy life one day at time and trust me i have had my breakdowns, tantrums, wanting to feel nothing i had my dark days, i had a choice get up and fight or lie down and become bitter and angry.

Quick overview of a life coach

Life coach is relationship between a coach and client and the coach is there help them acheive their goals or profeesional goals, it uses a holistic approach-mind-body-soul it provides a safe space and improve clarity, self awareness and many other things, they can help with the following:

  • Finding your career
  • Boosting self confidence and self esteem
  • Wellbeing
  • Buisness branding
  • Practial skills

Tonight was my first time open my first paper on the princples on life coaching and honestly it opened up mind and i no for sure im on the right path and i just want to share this with you and now i just got the assignment to do now.

So if you would be intrested in some life coaching please send me email so i can start creating a client list and dont forget to subscribe so you can keep update with my progress in becoming a lfe coach, feel free to leave a comment so i can get to know.

Attention: Exciting News

Feburary the 5th was my last day of work and i honestly had no idea how i would cope with out the structure and not going and seeing the people i look after it was like a blank book with a new page and this was my time to start all over there was three things i had to do for this new chapter to start.

  • Accept that i have illness and i always will have chronic pain and this not the end but only the start of something new and wonderful.
  • Create a new routine and try new things
  • Look into more alternative ways of helping me on a daily

And most of all its time to share my story and raise awarness and educate people along the way.

So i have sucessfully have joined a gym and its week three now, and im been eating less and more healthy and created a new morning routine,

I have just enrolled to do a certificate in Life coaching and start building the steps into becoming a life coach.

If this is something you might be intrested please subscribed to my blog to be ensured you always know whats happening on my blog and send me email so i can create a list for those that are intrested.

I have put together a slide show on what the benefits of having a life coach and why im quite passionte about this, i love to here your thoughts on this.