Fresh start…

As I write, I’m sitting in my car enjoying the surroundings, watching the wildlife,people walking their dogs,kids laughing…

Winter’s day

My week has been challenging it’s made me stop and really think about things, how things really effect my body now and I learnt pretty quick been chronically ill you got to treasure every bit energy and who your giving your energy to, time precious to don’t waste it on people who don’t deserve it.

In my crazy week amoungst the emotions, I’m been blessed with a wee place to stay,have caught up with a friend who’s been great support and put the effort in to ensure I had some self care, hair cut tick, eyebrows on fleek tick, no man moustache tick I’m feeling amazing it’s put a smile on my dail.

Try its fun

Next week all about getting my new routine sorted, staying focused and keeping on track.

“Today there’s sunshine in my soul”

Day 4

Good Weather

Prompt for the day

Appreciate the days when you feel good simply because the weather is so beautiful.

Have you wondered how much the weather can affect us and make us feel happier, it something we probley dont even think about, one thing i have i have found is been chronically ill is the weather and temperature has a huge effect on my body and the crap thing is it heightens everything, in New Zealand we are going into winter and my body already having a shit about it, super grateful i have a fire and warm clothes.

Great weather is a blessing and showing gratitude, when you realise how important it is in our lives and the postitive effects it has, despite the the fact winter is super hard for me and i turn into some sort of slug and much to my family disgust they probley sick of hear me moaning while they chill in trackies and a t shirt.

Im grateful for the sunny days they send me to desinations that i have not explored, i can enjoy my morning milo, my body does not hurt as much, beach days feeling the sand between my toes and the sound of waves crashing, bush walks.

Im grateful for the colder days and nights, there is something about winter nothing beats a fire, hot soups and electric blankets, the ground turns white and as you walk on the grass you can hear the crispy sounds, its time where the cows having calves and the nights are longer.

Get outside and feel the sun on your face

“Life is short, smile while you still have teeth”

Day three- Humour

Prompt for the day

Lets appreciate how humour entertains us and helps us to deal with challenges in life


The good ole saying laughter is the best medicine, Humour is intergral part of life. We all faced with situations that cause us to worry and stress but we have to choose how we deal with this and the situations we are faced with. i could not say it any louder use humour in everything you do, laugh at your situations its a good way to give us strength and most of loosen us up.

I have learnt having a sense of humour has been my saving grace it has helped me get through the embrassing moments, the pissed of moments and the dam right dumb moments, along the way i have created a fuck it bucket and this where i just just throw crap in and deal with later.

Favourite funny things moment im grateful for:

  • My daughters video calls ones always changing the filters on her face and it turns her into some wierd characters, where my other daughter is loud and has no filter so the things that come out of her mouth always makes me laugh.
  • The funny things my grandson is doing now as he explores.
  • When my legs decide they dont want to work and im sitting on the ground and all can do is laugh and think well fuck!!
  • My parthner does the beaker look at me or makes odd noises
  • My best friend always been around her and sharing our weird dark sense of humour.
  • The kitten im hanging out washing and the silly thing is chasing pegs and rolling around my feet
  • Watching dumb videos on animals doing silly things on you tube

“My crazy funny moments”

“Last not but least my funny animal video for you to watch and hope you have a giggle”

What ever life throws at you dont forget to laugh and while your at stop and have think about all the funny moments that helped you get through the crazy or just made you smile.

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot”

Day 2 of my 21 day challange of grattitude and today its about appreciating ourselves and how we have grown with the experiences that we had in our life. We look back at younger self think how naive we were back then and we gone into adulthood we have learnt alot and that deserves appreciation.

Prompt for the day

Take a moment to appreciate how wise you become as you experience life

Look at the smaller experiences that have changed the way you look at situations, and relise that there could been a better way to make decisions and settle differences and the way you approach relationships.

My reflections

I look at the people that have been in my life and i know it took me along time to relize not everyone is your friend and some are so toxic and i had to make some big decsions and time to let people go, this was my turning point when when i made the choice to let people go and only have people in my life that are postitive and suportive and most of all understanding.

Walking away from situations that were no longer improvable, I had to walk away from my family as there toxic behaviour was not helping me and only causing me to question my self and along the way it destroyed my confidence and self esteem

Im grateful for the following:

  • I am grateful for the person and the mother i am today
  • I am happy with the changes and the constant improving on my self
  • I am thankful for the people that are in my life and the ones that i have choosen to stay in my life
  • I am grateful to the tools and the lessons i have learnt to deal with stressful situations
  • i am grateful to the person i have become im resliant, confident and stronger then i ever was
  • Everyday im grateful to continue to grow and make small changes

What experiences in life have you experienced that have you shaped you to the person you became today and what are you grateful for, i love to hear your stories.