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  • The secret keeper exhibition

  • “You are important”

    “You are important”

    Tuesday quote, you are important and you matter.

  • “The Monster”

    “The Monster”

    The monster is always watching and lurking in the shadows, my story on domestic violence.

  • The dating world

    The dating world

    Im telling you right now the dating world is a crazy place and you meet some interesting characters. Your looking for a particular type one that just can’t get enough of you, one that puts the effort it and makes you feel special. Ummmm I’m still trying to figure out what has happened to people’s…

  • Love from NZ

  • Stand up and Unite

    Stand up and Unite

    Turn your blinkers off people and wake up… Here in New Zealand we have mandates in place which has costed so many people’s jobs, careers been stopped, can’t have a hair cut, can’t go to the gym or go and see your grandparents who live in a rest home, attend a funeral or the people…

  • Freedom

  • Alternative to Pharmaceutical

    Alternative to Pharmaceutical

    Part Three The subject that every one likes to debate about and causes a divide should New Zealand legalise cannabis at this present time some New Zealanders were against it and was enough for it not to become legal and yes we have access to medical need get prescription from your doctor to access it…

  • Alternative to pharmaceutical

    Alternative to pharmaceutical

    Part Two This is the second part of this topic and i do hope you read the first one i like hear peoples views on this subject. In my role as a support worker (mental health and disabilities)we would encourage independence and ensuring they set goals and work towards them and we also follow and…

  • Alternative to Pharmaceutical

    Alternative to Pharmaceutical

    Part One When i got sick i honestly could not believe how doctors would rather prescribe medications in the hope this will either fix the issue or lets hope or if this does not work we try something else. I honestly cant count how many different meds i had i honestly felt like a lab…

  • Sucide is raising

    I’m in alot of support groups online and unfortunately I’m reading more and more that another endo sister has taken her life, why sucide you ask because you can only cope with so much, the stigma around invisible illness, lack of support the no cure the list is endless and it is sad that women…