I am my own super hero…

Start the morning off right,take a deep breath in then blow all the yuck stuff out,new day to fill our feel good jars…

Today I have been blessed to wake up with all my children under one roof and the cheeky smiles of my grandson.

Ostrich’s swim but they can’t fly

Joke of the day 🤣🤣🤣

Where does lion go to the gym??? A jungle gym

Thought of the day 

"Success is not the key to happiness.Happiness is the key to success. If you love what your doing,you will be successful".Albert Schweitzer

How’s your morning going so far ???

Lifes like a Twister

I feel like i have been in the movie The Wizard of Oz instead my house landed in hell, its been the tough few weeks and i have to find every bit of postitive and motivation to keep my routine up, my body has been fighting me every part of me.

Rewind to two weeks ago and this is brutal and honest so be prepared for shock, laughter im not hiding nothing, i had some pain in the lady department and to be fair it felt like my vagina was broke and left me puzzled and then it led to the conversation with the man and he like im sure its not, told me a few things and thought well fuck ill make appt with the dr go get to the bottom of this, i noticed some weird pain coming from the tummy didnt pay much attention to as my body is always on a malfunction after days of been on the loo and christ going through loo paper like any thing, the pain was getting worst and the bleeding had started i honestly think im going to die the pain is awful.

The dr appointment went well in a long time i was heard and listened to and taking serious, bloods, samples and just wait for the results but the dr quite certian i have some infalmation and high chance of bowel disease so it was not shock it was more relief as i have been sick for so long its become my normal, so im been refered back to gastro and at the moment my inflamation markers are high.

I shared this for a few reasons because i bet some of you going through similar thing and not only is effecting me, this effects my relationship again how many can relate to that??? Its one insecure thing i have as my first relationship one i share two of my kids with he was a cheater and hurt me in so many ways and it was odd because it dawned me on i cant have intimancy at this stage and then that flash back jumped into my head, which left me doubting my current relationship, seriously dumb i know, but its just one of those moments as i have been here before and i guess i kinda had freak out moment but it also had a wee postitve reflect moment, on how lucky i am this amazing human im with is so supportive and how much i appreciate the things he does for me.

No matter how bad things are for me at the moment im still find the postitive in everything, life is ment to be lived………

This is what filled my feel good Jar

My feel good jar been filled and even thou im in alot of pain im blessed and fill with happiness….

And i listen to alot of music and more so when im having moment of reflection and refocusing and two songs that are brand spanking new and i have listened to these with my eyes closed and listened to the lyrics and both these songs have moment of your own experiences and you can relate im sharing both these songs and i wonder if you could relate your self???

Haven’t always been this way

I was born a renegade

I felt alone, still feel afraid

I stumble through it anyway

I wish someone would have told me that

this life is ours to choose

No one’s sending you the the rules

The little that I know I’ll tell to you

When they dress you up in lies and you’re

left naked with the truth

The Burden of Belief

Burden of this belief

unanswered questions that haunts me

Tears that bring me some relief

as they wash away your sadness, sadness

and grief

Burden of this belief

This journey has brought me to my knees

will you show me what it means to believe?

How can i let go, how can i faind peace?

Times of Grace-“The Burden Of Belief”

I love to hear if you have song that takes you back to a time in your life that you can relate to????

Help I have teenager !!!!

My week started with a complete crash and boom and the week had not even started….

Rewind back to Sunday my son is 14 has attitude to boot thinks I’m some bloody millionaire and has no idea how quickly I get tired and sadley I can’t do everything he wants to do. We watched the funeral of Prince Phillip while his sister was at work, and here in New Zealand we on school holidays.

My son is like a volcano in stages before it erupts just picture this:

  • Level 1-tremours start, the snarky remarks stage
  • Level 2-little gas explosions,the whiny starts,poor me,shit life
  • Level 3-steam is rising,combination of snarky and whiny
  • Level 4-ash fallout, this where mum about to pull out can of whoop ass
  • Level 5-lava spewing out,oh shits it erupting,this where heated words exchange,your grounded

I honestly thought my girls were aweful as teens but my son is a sensitive wee sausage and gets mad over stupid crap,take look at the video and just laugh in agony of parents with teens, they should come with warning labels and a bloody manual !!!

Rambling again but thanks to my son and his sudden eruption caused my stress levels to rise like a boiling jug he put me in the biggest bitchest mood, as I packed my shit to come home and in amoungst the bullshit I left my charger,medication,glasses at my daughter’s, god I was like f5 tornado when I got home, threw my crap out my bag, had a hissy fit, partner is trying to sleep and as he didn’t really acknowledge me I was home so I threw my toys out the cot and slept on the lazy boy. Ill be the first to admit my tantys make everyone laugh as my wee family knows it’s part of everything I’m going thru and I don’t deal well with stress and the best thing I can do now is look back and laugh, my son and I laugh about it and learn from it and move on from it.

My family is my everything

I never realized how much my illness and chronic pain had effect on my children”

My eldest always been a free spirit and had her way of doing things so she been living her life and now a mum and has her own family,she has never really seen or experienced what her siblings have when it comes to me been sick, where my other daughter has been through it all with me and we just formed such a different relationship as she had to deal with been austic,her own health issues and worrying and looking after me and I vowed I never hold back my children, where my son we had a close relationship as his dad has never been in his life so he’s only had me so when I got sick he just couldn’t understand and just got angry and one stage he was heading down a crappy path as I been with my best friend of 5 years the decision was made he was going to stay with him, new school and the dad figure he so much needs, the hardest decision to make but I look back now and he is thriving, his report was outstanding and our bond is stronger than ever even with the volcanic eruptions.

Now it’s my daughters turn to spread her wings and gain her independence and stop worrying about me she’s 18 studying and learning how to pay bills, she is slowly starting to live on her own and we are slowing separating in a good way.

As I look back on my crappy start to the week it’s also shown me how far my kids have come and resilient we all are they never chose to have a sick mum but with that said we grown so stronger and our bond is unbreakable no matter what life throws at us.

It’s now my turn to look after me and let my older children be free and allow my son to grow I don’t need to worry now, it’s my time to transform and get to a managed point to allow more good days with my children and most of all my grandson.

My beautiful grandson 😍

What Kermit the Frog would say about a Bad Day!!

Hi ho kermit the frog here…………

Now i have your attention and the help of kermit the frog lets talk

My bad day adventures...

  • The head feels likes in a blender and its some shit head is pressing the pulse button.
  • The toliet needs to be close in case of a sudden explosion
  • I droped the frying pan and started crying
  • Im been the moodest bitch today, im like a snapping turtle
  • I left my eftpos card at home had to use my sons
  • Tried to start the car with the wrong key

These types of days happen alot and i could easily pull a blanket over my head and stay in bed and be grumpy as my daughter says ‘are you bit salty there’ , I have fibro flares that can put me in a state which flows on to having a bad day or just as simple as shit day, i have created ways to over come a bad day.

My 5 tips get through a bad day.

  • Laugh im been serious i learnt a sense of humour is needed and im quite happy to laugh at my self, no need to be grumpy
  • Have a moment where you just crank up the music , bit of tragic karoke
  • Find one postitive regardless of how bad the day is
  • Surround your self with family, maybe friend could be phone call,video call,coffee date or watching a movie
  • Eat,Drink and rest you got to nourish the body,hydrate the body and allow the body to rest

As its one of my tips and its must for me is to find that postitve through my crappy day.

My postive for the day

I left home just after lunch heading to my daughters place for a coiuple days and had my son coming along with the road trip, we have not had many moments where its just been us, as he has hit the teen years mum is not so cool to hang out with it, we were chatting and jamming out in the car the terriable karakoe, the weird looks from other drivers jamming to old school 90s this is included my son singing britney spears-baby one more time it was you had to be there moment, to my daughter and i trying to figure out tick toc again the son jumps in to save the day,to finish the night with a homemade burger and writing my blog to watching trashy married at first sight, my daughter is 18 and my son is 14 they love to hate each other i go in to say night they both in the same bed seperate blankets watching tv, its a rare moment of sibling love and bonding.

Homemade burgers made from love

My favourite song to crank loud to a bad day


Do You Need Life Coaching?

As your aware i have jumped into the world of life coaching and works great for me as its all online and i have to October to finish did it cost me yes it di but i believe im on the right path for me, I started this blog to share my rants and ramblings and to raise awaness and educate people along the way and this where the idea of life coaching jumped in my thoughts and never left.

Im studying through career academy and i have to papers to do and i have to have a pass rate of 80% to pass each paper nothing like a bit of pressure and another thing to add to my motivation and goal list, Why life coaching?? i love to help people and as i have already been working with people with mental health and disabilities and its so rewarding, i love to see people acheive thier goals and motivate people and i want to share my story to inspire others to go out and kick lifes butt one goal at a time.

I personally have been to the bottom and i had to climb my ass out of the dark hole some of those things that got me there were my own doing and some were the people around me dragging me down, i had to make some hard choices, decsions and most of i lost my girls for 7 years and 7 years i will never get back i had to fight through systems to get my girls home and i had to become the best person i can be no matter what life throws at me, when i started getting sick i stilled push though work, continued to study and upskill, rasie my kids and a run a house and enjoy life one day at time and trust me i have had my breakdowns, tantrums, wanting to feel nothing i had my dark days, i had a choice get up and fight or lie down and become bitter and angry.

Quick overview of a life coach

Life coach is relationship between a coach and client and the coach is there help them acheive their goals or profeesional goals, it uses a holistic approach-mind-body-soul it provides a safe space and improve clarity, self awareness and many other things, they can help with the following:

  • Finding your career
  • Boosting self confidence and self esteem
  • Wellbeing
  • Buisness branding
  • Practial skills

Tonight was my first time open my first paper on the princples on life coaching and honestly it opened up mind and i no for sure im on the right path and i just want to share this with you and now i just got the assignment to do now.

So if you would be intrested in some life coaching please send me email so i can start creating a client list and dont forget to subscribe so you can keep update with my progress in becoming a lfe coach, feel free to leave a comment so i can get to know.