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  • Lifes like a Twister

    Lifes like a Twister

    I feel like i have been in the movie The Wizard of Oz instead my house landed in hell, its been the tough few weeks and i have to find every bit of postitive and motivation to keep my routine up, my body has been fighting me every part of me. Rewind to two weeks […]

  • Change comes from reflection

    Change comes from reflection

    I have been a bit quite lately I had alot on my plate let alone a complete emotional basket case, the ole head been a bit forgettable. The last 8 days I’m been doing my grateful challenge and i hope your been reading and having time to maybe look at yourself and challenge your self, […]

  • Memories…no two sets exactly the same, like fingerprints.

    Memories…no two sets exactly the same, like fingerprints.

    Day 7 Memories Prompt of the Day “Take this moment to appreciate how good old days provide comfort to you” So we talking about memories, memories are our safe place they get us through the dark days. Memories can bring many emotions sad, happy but regardless they shaped us and made us into who we […]

  • “Today there’s sunshine in my soul”

    “Today there’s sunshine in my soul”

    Day 4 Good Weather Prompt for the day Appreciate the days when you feel good simply because the weather is so beautiful. Have you wondered how much the weather can affect us and make us feel happier, it something we probley dont even think about, one thing i have i have found is been chronically […]

  • Bedroom view, kingfisher chilling

  • Anzac Day 2021

  • What Kermit the Frog would say about a Bad Day!!

    What Kermit the Frog would say about a Bad Day!!

    Hi ho kermit the frog here………… Now i have your attention and the help of kermit the frog lets talk My bad day adventures… The head feels likes in a blender and its some shit head is pressing the pulse button. The toliet needs to be close in case of a sudden explosion I droped […]

  • Kicking ass

    Kicking ass

    In not a small person at all and weight has always been a topic brought up with doctors and then you get the twats who stare at you and think god she could loose some weight, she must be lazy. heres some advice for those people im currently hypothyroidism so this effects my metabolism and […]

  • Master The Art Of Self Care

    Master The Art Of Self Care

    I have found this topic super hard and a topic i took for granted, i worried about work, kids and how i was going to get through a day. I thought working and studying and still trying to push though the pain and the waves of nausea was just life and that is what you […]

  • The nightmare I’m traped in

    The nightmare I’m traped in

    My advice to you is to find that spark and follow your dreams and your heart life is so short no matter how hard the journey may be I had a doctors appointment and its super annoying when your in the hard basket, so four years ago my love hate relationship started with the doctors […]

  • Friendships

    Shares my crazy gluten free food when we out out. Shares the same sense humour, dark and weird One thing I have learnt is having a social life is hard let alone keeping friends, I have lost alot of friends along the way, I have connected with some amazing new people and the support groups […]

  • Juststrong

    I have just become ambassador for juststrong as I’m all about empowering women, I just order my self some clothing I’ll keep you posted when they arrive and you can use this code when you order your clothes that simple BECJAM110 Follow the link below to learn more about juststrong maybe you want to become […]

  • The constant pain

    The constant pain

    Fibromyalgia its a funny word and people call it fibro for short, its a long term condition with no cure and its condition where research is still happening so it can be understood better. About 1 in 50 people will develop it and any stage of their life around the ages of 25 and 55 […]

  • Reflections Part one

    Reflections Part one

    I go back long long time ago there was no indication that later on life I would be faced with having a constant battle with my body.When you were growing up you think of how your life would look, what career you would have, would I have kids or be married.I know I wanted to […]

  • The thingy in my neck

    The thingy in my neck

    Few years back when my health took a real turn for the worst when i become so tired and no matter how hard i tried to eat healthy and keep active the weight was not falling off me i honestly felt like i had turned into sloth and wanted to sleep all the time. i […]