Causes and passions

There are many causes that I’m passionate about the ones that I hold close to my heart are things that have effected me and have changed my own life or changed my views on.

Raising awareness and educating people on Domestic violence and the effects it can have on a person and the people that are around you, the long term effects that it can cause. And one thing I have I learnt and others need to be aware of are it’s not just physical the mental abuse can be far worst. Here in New Zealand we have many advertisings on Domestic violence and it’s not ok, also we have white ribbon day here and plenty of places like women’s refuge and community support places.

It’s not ok

I created a website a place where I can blog and raise awareness and educate people about living with invisible illness and chronic pain. Cause like endometriosis NZ is place where women in NZ living with endometriosis have a place to get support, education, research, women receive adquate health care.Every year in march is endometriosis awareness month, the colour is yellow this is worldwide,activities are held through out the month.

These are only couple causes I have alot passion for, becoming a life coach and helping others to achieve their goals and live their best life regardless of an illness, disability, trauma or mental health.


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