Change is happening

I have successfully have a name for my life coaching and now I have had huge brain fart and spent the last few hours writing my ideas and creating my plans. I have found what area I want to focus on is people living with mental health and disabilities, chronic pain and invisible illness.

This is something I’m passionate about as I know personally what’s like to live with chronic pain an invisible illness, I believe there is not enough people to show us support or to reach our potential, to many people give up on us and flick us to the side or we are put in the hard basket.

I’m about to unleash a new and improved website and one that reflects my transformation and one that shows me kicking lifes ass one day at time. The Devil inside will be changing to Nirvana Life Coaching with a new fresh look, this includes Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.

I’m currently studying life coaching and building my website,creating programmes and prices so in the meantime I’ll be building relationships ,offering daily affirmations, free introduction, subscribe option,my blog will be incorporated.

Stay tuned,keep watching for the updates

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