Chapter one

opened book on tree root

Life has not been kind, life has had more hurdles and sometimes i can get over them other times i trip and fall. As I close to the door to life i once knew and things i have been holding on to for a long time this includes guilt, trauma,abuse. A relationship that i just settled for as i wanted someone to just want me and accept my illness and flaws, the years of been told im fat, i should go eat something i look hungry the list is endless, walking on egg shells and not sure what mood he be in, thats what my life has been like for 4 years and this just became normal, till the punch in the face and thats when my life changed and everything i thought was gone. In the last few months has had so much up heavel new town, new doctors,new friends, new surroundings and as i start my new book with a new chapter.

I decided the best place to start this chapter is getting some counsling and allowing my self time to heal and continue to grow as a person and focus on my passion, getting my health to a managble state. I want to say never be afraid to reach out for help, there is no shame to say i need help, life is hard and some days brutal and im pretty sure we all said stuff this i give up. If your settling in life weather its a job or a relationship, career stop and think you get one life and life is so precious and you dont know how long you have instead of settling or been unhappy, take a moment to stop and reflect and ask your self are you happy??

I have learnt so much about my self and things that have been a complete trainwreck im still breathing and been given another day. Follow me on my journey of self discovery and healing.

“Spread your wings and fly”
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