Day 1- 14 Day Self Love Challange

Day one-write a love letter to your self

One of the hardest things to do and how to approach this one and i was wondering why it needed tto be hand written, it defiently put a different feel to things. I have basically written it in a way that i understand and the emotions attached to particular things.

Dear Becca.

Life waas not kind to you and your gone through so much and things that broke you, destroyed you, you were smashed into a million peices and you had scoop up all those peices and put them back one bit at a time. Through the darkeness and chaos came beauty and Strength and dertimination.

Becca your life is like been on path of finding who you are as a person and rising above the challanges and creating the life you want, the person who insires others, sharing my story to help others be the best version of them selves.

Along your path your had some blessings like your three children and that handsome grandson, you have acheived more then you think have you stoped and looked at the qualifications you have, regardless of your challanges.

Lets rewind to the day your girls were taken away, the day you picked that bottle of pills to end the numbness and pain, life had other plans for your, been blessed with a son was your motivator to keep going. You survied and got back up with more dertimnation and strength. you had to fight the system and people you thought cared or loved you, you had to face your demons and rebuild life and start working on your values and beliefs and what life looked like for you.

You could of given up, committed sucide,turned to alife of addictions, be bitter instead you rose up from the darkness and with a soft heart and more stronger then before and whole lot wiser.

Life has trampled you on so many times you always navigate your way out and continue on your path.

Becca you survied abuse from men that were suppoe to love and care for you instead they destroyed you, but you got back up and continued to grow as a person.

You have been on amazing journey one of self discovery, finally found peace and who you are as person, you have created a buisness out of your experiences, challanges and the need to want to help others. Been chroniclly ill and living with pain has not slowed you down, instead of been bitter or letting it define you as person you chose to raise awarness and educate people through your life and wellness coaching.

Becca take a deep breath in and exhale

Becca you are amazing human and have so much love to give, keep shining your light bright and take a pat on the back,

Believe in your buisness and most important believe in your self



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