Show gratitude: Let thank you be your attitude

Day 1

I have got this cool wee app help me along the way, Gratitude challenge has started I’m doing the 21 day challenge and every day I’ll be sharing my journey, and I hope this gives you inspiration and shows you what and why Gratitude is so important.

Been chronically sick has changed my mind set and I’m alot more grateful and I have realized that I’m pretty darn lucky I might have a body that fights me and gives me alot pain, but I have legs that work, i have more than most and a family that supports me and I can’t forget my kids they have always been my motivation to keep me going, I’m grateful that I have partner that’s never givin up on me even on my worst days and the days where I can be real mean.

Open your mind to Gratitude

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You have one life

Today I’m grateful for:

  1. That I have completed 5 weeks at the gym and progressed to been able to do weights
  2. My first assignment was submitted
  3. Warm house with a warm fire
  4. Managed have some time for me today
Change your thinking

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