Rewind to 2017 living in the south Waikato, i made a decision in may to move there were many reasons and can’t forget the man he was another reason.

Today I was surrounded by the things that I came back to the bay with and reality of how much I have I lost and multiple rebuilding my life it’s crazy to think, my life in boxes and some furniture that’s it.

As I started going thru things and repacking and sorting and doing the big clean of crap. Memories the experiences and the heartache all came flooding back the tears start rolling. The wee cards, the art work, certificates all this stuff that reminded me of the love,the fun times and how things are so different now. I moved back to the bay for many reasons the biggest one is my grandson.

As I sit here on a Friday night and reflect and write it’s made think how bloody strong and how resilient I am as person, the things I been through it’s crazy. The last 6 mths have been the toughest I had to face some hard truths, new love just gone, place to call home,new friendships, joined yoga, bonding with my grandson and the hardest one is realising your own child behaviour is abuse and I’m drowning and just broken. Reaching out for support was the first step in my next part of my journey was to heal.

I’m going on wee holiday with my daughter this is time for me to recharge my batteries and reflect and have some much needed time with my daughter. Work out my plan and goals for the next six months I’m excited as I’m starting to feel excited and have so many ideas and things going on in my head all will be reveled after my holiday.

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