“Fill our feel good jars”

People are funny wee creatures no matter how much I’m in pain or just completely feel like crap,I have this natural thing I do when I see people…

Hey beautiful 💓hey Hun and today was no different a lady from the gym smiled and her reply was I don’t feel it but thank you, it left me wondering if we were all a little bit more friendly and gave some one a compliment, I bet that lady had a good day, boost of confidence.

I have made more of effort when I visit shops, spark up a wee conversation,add a compliment,add have a nice day regardless of their mood or how I’m feeling, I’m left feeling happy and just adds to my feel good jar. When was the last time you walked into shop and gave a worker a compliment ??? Think about this we don’t know their story, they could be stressed, family problems the list is endless and that one compliment just made there day and filled there feel good jar.

It’s time to fill people’s feel good jars, we all going through covid and our lives look very now and it’s times like this we need to build people up.💕

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