Forgive yourself

Reflection…. Yesterday I was faced with my past and had to relive things that I I’d rather not, but it’s all about the healing and forgiving myself. I’m hurt and still have some anger, I still get annoyed that he is able to walk around with not a care in the world and I’m left with PTSD,triggers, and a new illness. As I stoped and drowned my self in every emotion and going through conversations it dawned on me and sense of realization of how far I have grown as person.

I’m not going to sugar coat nothing, I’m broken 💔💔 my heart has been stomped on, I had a man raise his fist, verbal and emotional abuse on top of been chroniclly ill, it’s bloody hard work everyday I’m fighting the demons, I’m far from perfect and I’m on journey of healing and learning to love my self and build confidence and find me again.

Life had other thoughts and plonked a man in the mix as I’m on my path doing my thing, our paths collide half of me was like turn right or left a confused mind, I was still coming out of dark place.He asked for my heart and promised to look after it, scared and afraid I gave him my heart and told him to look after it, every day passes another peice of my heart is put together, he is my calm through my storm and I’m pretty god dam lucky to have him he has accepted me for everything, as one door closes another has opened I’m embracing the change and the new me coming back to kick life’s ass one more time.

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