Fresh start…

As I write, I’m sitting in my car enjoying the surroundings, watching the wildlife,people walking their dogs,kids laughing…

Winter’s day

My week has been challenging it’s made me stop and really think about things, how things really effect my body now and I learnt pretty quick been chronically ill you got to treasure every bit energy and who your giving your energy to, time precious to don’t waste it on people who don’t deserve it.

In my crazy week amoungst the emotions, I’m been blessed with a wee place to stay,have caught up with a friend who’s been great support and put the effort in to ensure I had some self care, hair cut tick, eyebrows on fleek tick, no man moustache tick I’m feeling amazing it’s put a smile on my dail.

Try its fun

Next week all about getting my new routine sorted, staying focused and keeping on track.

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