“Friends are people who know you really well and like you anyway.“

Day 5

Prompt of the day

Express gratitude for the times when you felt truley understood by someone

This day of graitude was a bit of a tear jerker for me as one of the few people i have in my life now that understands me and been to my hospital appts and just listened to me bitch and most of just cry, helping with my children and supporting me through my life changes and sadley he was taken away suddnely on his daughter birthday he was found dead in a hotel room, coming up to his daughter birthday and his anniversary i look back and i think to my self i was truely blessed and grateful have a friend like this in my life.

Day 5 about being understood about appreciating the special moments when someone surprised moments when someone surprised us by understanding the exact way we wanted them to. We human and we all want to be understood by people. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it dont happen. When is does happen we have sense of surprise and great satisfication.

Been vunerable showing your feelings and emotions, thoughts and opinions it a sense of freedom and empowering to been understood by the other personm just for a moment think about a person who has givin you this feeling or you felt understood.

  • Have you had a friend that understands your insecruties
  • when someone understands that you want them to listen not give advice
  • when someone understood why you made certian choices in life
  • when your opened up about your past and they gave you that response that your been looking for

My rock and biggest supporter

“Im grateful to this chicky, my sounding board”

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