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One thing I have learnt is having a social life is hard let alone keeping friends, I have lost alot of friends along the way, I have connected with some amazing new people and the support groups even if they are online can mean the world to someone who is having a bad day or has limitations or just someone that actually gets you.I met this chicky a few years ago when I had a boring desk job and what do you know she has fibromyalgia and other things it’s the first time in along time I didn’t need to fake a smile or let alone saying I’m fine, when underneath I was in agony, we could share anything, laugh and cry together, she was in a position where her illness stops her from driving where I’m lucky and I can, right there it dawned on me how lucky I was been able to drive that ment freedom, i made it a point to take her to places and share lunch dates etc and the company was awesome. Over time her health went south and now she faced with I have to stop work, again it dawned on me how lucky I am two people with similar illness and chronic pain and how differently it effects us. Years later I’m faced with not been able to drive long distances and I have given up my job for now one I loved and had so much passion for because my health took a turn for the worst. I value this friendship alot because we are both on the same journey just different stages and we both help each other through the crazy.

Our crazy adventures

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