Healing begins

Suppose to be sleeping the good ole head won’t shut off, does not help that good ole Freddy Krueger come to play and wrecking havoc in my insides the pain levels are on high.

As one door closes a new one opens and you have this new book with empty pages and starting new beginnings. You got this empty book and start thinking how am I going to do things different? What things do I want to achieve? So many things running around the head.

As I’m healing and addressing things in my self magically things are happening, I have regained my identity and good things continue to happen like new surroundings, much needed support and better medical care. One thing that has happened and caught me off guard as it was last thing on my mind, I call him mystery he has come into my life and givin me feelings I never experienced and we just get each other, we both had our fair share of crap and we both have crap to sort and we both are healing. This has me excited and I’m unsure of the what’s and the where’s for now I’m cruising life on slower speed and enjoying my new life.

I am survivor and battered women syndrome is real and when your in it life just passes by you loose bit of you every day, you become use to that environment. I am free and I am healing and the past no longer controls me, I know my worth and what I deserve.

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