“Holiday reflection”

Holiday has come to an end, I have new memories and have more of clear mind of where I’m going and what my next 6 months will look like. Reflection is so important and something I suggest to people there are so many reasons why. For me it was looking at what was working and areas I need to change or work on more.

The Coromandel is like stepping back in time, internet is a hit and miss, the roads are narrow many corners and so many photo opportunities, lots of little bays along the drive definitely good for the soul.

One thing I have taken from this wee holiday is the need to look after me and I need to follow my calling more life coaching, more yoga and it’s time to let go of things and except the things that have been, allow my children to navigate life on their own and learn from there mistakes instead of me trying to fix everything,what will be will be.

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