Isolation and a positive

Tested positive for COVID yesterday, it’s scary thought I have been avoiding and living a low key life and observing my surroundings been careful.

My biggest worry always going to be how would my body cope, I can get a cut it takes ages to heal, get a cough it lasts for weeks get the idea, the ole Dr telling me it wouldn’t be a great outcome for me. The way I describe COVID is a flu X10 before I tested positive I spent two days sleeping,fevers, aching I thought I was dying 🤣 today it’s the cough the pain in butt dry cough, tired, breathing bit harder today still have not hungry and trying sip on the lemonade.

Do I believe all the hype that I hear everyday about this, do I believe we need mandates at this very point of time and someone who has feared covid because I’m chroniclly Ill and the medical advice I was givin at the moment it’s a really bad flu for me feel like a truck running over my head, I’m super happy at this point my body is doing the right things it needs to do.

I understand this effects everyone different and everyone will have there own story some happy some sad.

Sick 😷😷

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