It’s not ok…

Life has been challenging me every which way, I want to share my story of wanting to be loved and my illness and pain to be accepted, Im not one to give up on the first sign of trouble or the first argument. But today was my breaking point.

I have been abused mentally from my kids father and cheated on so many times I lost count, my ex husband did the same, I vowed to myself and to my children that I never go or put them through this shit again.

The whole last five years with my best friend, partner, has been a challenge it’s had some dark days and had some amazing adventures. He broke my trust when he left me two years ago for another chick that broke me it thru me into a dark place, no I still loved him and decided there’s still something there and things have been pretty good and I started feeling like we were in good place, then the disappearing started, not interested in me, insults came back and I knew my gut was telling me something not right.

Today has been the hardest, I never thought the person who’s suppose to love me, support me would lay a hand on me but he did and in that moment I never seen him this angry, and then I felt the punch and the head spin and I knew everything was done and what we had was broken into million peices.

I’m reaching to everyone that’s going thru something similar, it’s not worth the mental toll it takes on you and it’s not ok for someone to insult you, stabbed at your limitations and make feel like shit, it’s not ok to go to sleep at night feeling not wanted, it’s not ok to be physically abused. Think about this you have one life don’t waste it on someone who can do the above.

Let that sink in

I will continue to transform and continue to build my life the way I want it.

I must heal and reflect and focus on my amazing adventure of life coaching.

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