“Just imagine”

I rewind back to 2017 when one day i just could not function anymore, let alone getting out of bed was becoming a issue. I basically woke up and never got better and everything i once could do became a mission.

  • A simple shower took every bit of energy that i had, then after a shower i was like oh crap i got get dress and manage this as well and then be wiped for hours.
  • A simple trip to the supermarket was tiring and just remembering everthing, the noise, the people
  • A simple conversation with someone became a challange
  • Been a single mum was already harder enough, not been able to attend your kids things because your tired or feel sick
  • My social life become no exsistent which led to friends and family not bothering
  • Cleaning my house became a mission i vaccum have a rest, do the dishes rest
  • My career i studied so hard for and got my certificates and a diploma was all taken away and i had to re think my career
  • Having a partner came with own set of challanges
  • Not been able to work full time and knowing even part time hours were becoming hard
  • Im always forgetting crap some days are worst than others
  • Every day my body aches some days are worst than others
  • My days are based on spoon theory and how much energy
  • No matter how im feeling or my pain levels i have to keep moving
  • Everything i eat or drink becomes a struggle
  • The constant fight you need to ensure you are heard
  • Keeping up with medications, dr appointments

The last two years i have been focusing on balance and learning how to manage my days and have more good days and when i just need to rest and do nothing. The one thing i really struggle with is that all my medical conditions and pain no one can see they are invisble so i look normal, no one sees the days where its to hard and im crying and just dont want to feel like this, the people that compare mine to theres and the lack of understanding.

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