Kicking ass

In not a small person at all and weight has always been a topic brought up with doctors and then you get the twats who stare at you and think god she could loose some weight, she must be lazy. heres some advice for those people im currently hypothyroidism so this effects my metabolism and weight i also have chronic gastritis so food and i have a love hate relationship and i hardly eat much let alone i dont eat gluten, red meat, caffeine the list goes on.

I have successfully took my self to the local gym/pool had a real good talk to the instructor and its the first time in a long time i had someone i could relate to as she has thyroid issues so as of Monday last week im doing aqua deep and aqua fit two days a week and two days doing some cardio, im doing this not only to help with the weight issue i want to feel good about my self like i talked about yesterday self care is so important.

Its been two weeks since i went on medition to help with the pain and secrtely trick the brain at the same time, im into my second week of gym life and im enjoying it the people are so supportive and a little bit of confidence is company back, I had to push though my pain and the days that i want to sleep or im just not feeling right i made a personal note to my self if i want to get back to work and have more good days then this is what i need to do to gain strength and build muscle bigger bonus if i drop a few kgs thats a bonus, i know there is no cure for me i want to be able to mange the pain and illness in a healthy altenative approach and focusing on selfcare and wellness in my self and creating new habits and routines.

My tricks for last couple weeks are

  • Creating a morning routine
  • Eating healthy and more water
  • Taking some time to reflect on things
  • Cooking dinners again ensuring i take my time
  • Rest when needed
  • making time for my family
  • Making sure i eat breakfast
  • Always find a postitive
  • Treat your self
  • Unplug from the internet even if its only hour

This ties in with selfcare and you see in my blog i will talk about it alot because i relised to late how important it is and if i can help at least one person to look after them and create new habits for them selfs then my blog has done something. I challange you to create a routine and at least one new habit a week…..

There is only one you, so look after you

Fuel up with good things that make you feel good

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