Lifes like a rollercoaster

While the mind spins around like a hamster wheel, lost in a million thoughts…

Life is like roller coaster your buckled in ready to go and hold on tight shit about to real, all through life your either laughing, crying or screaming and pretty vocal. Life comes with straights, curves, ups and downs and you can’t forget the unexpected.

Life in one picture

Ending back in that toxic relationship I was trying to escape and in for the next lot of mental abuse, lost my self along the way, I was physically abused and finally left that for good, fast forward two years im a survivor of battered women syndrome, I’m healing and created so many positives and learnt a thing or two along the way how I should be treated. Im looking forward to this next chapter of my come back.

The devil is playing havoc on my body lately, I’m sitting on this chair, just with sheet on the bottom half at a gyno appt today, pain levels are about 8, Dr doing his thing as I lay there putting my mind at a beach and taking small breaths, then the Dr says we need take a bisopy, my mind starts up like the hamster on the wheel, now my beach got some sort of hurricane happening now, as I get dressed, sense of numbness words like cancer, could be auto immune just left me thinking come on life give me a break, Im dealing with enough and life’s already challenging enough.

What ever life has installed for me i’m ready……..

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