“Making memories”

Life for me changed and the way I looked at life changed the day I got sick. With a bit of planning, creating a budget and keeping things simple not only am I creating memories, experiences, it’s also a motivator and something I looked forward to.

The unfortunate part is my illnesses and chronic pain are unpredictable and no matter how much I rest prior or prepare my self it could all turn to custard pretty quick


Sneak peek for my next blog.. Next destination Waitomo Caves, the history, the magic and exploring caves and creating memories with my special human

Amazing place to visit I have seen so many amazing things and learnt so much. I may spend few days recovering but man I’m so proud of my self I have done so much walking, climbed stairs, nearly slipped on my butt, conquered a few fears and went 50 metres underground and went down a 17 metre spiral staircase thank God it was a ramp.

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