“Making memories”



We already into the second month of the year and here in New Zealand the school has term has started and we had few public holidays so the weeks have felt short and i feel so behind.

Went on road trip and caught up with friends, my youngest daughter (20) and went on adventure in the capital of New Zealand Wellington the weekend was awesome i have spent all week recovering from it but it was all worth it and its these moments that i treasure and take lots of photos its a great way to help me puch me through the hard days.

Wellington is windy and rather hilly so was the zoo worth every little niggle for an amazing day out i dont see my daughter as much as she living her life and lives about three hours away its moments like this that are precious to me.

Wellington Zoo

Wellington City

Holidays are for relaxing and enjoying the moment and some much needed time to switch off, enjoy the surroundings, the bonding time and the experience.

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