March is endometriosis month

March is endometriosis month, celebrated all over world, different countries do different things like Marching and spreading awareness through facebook and other media platforms. The traditional colour is yellow and I have made so many friends in different countries through groups on facebook and it makes the crappy days little more enjoyable knowing you have support, every country is different some ladies suffer in agony and in pain as health care is not free, some have no choice to work because with out working they have no money. Here in New Zealand we are lucky but so much more is needed to support us and it comes down to having the right care from the start, unfortunately I had some pretty shitty drs and they quick to flick you off or tell you to loose weight, your only mild that can’t be causing the pain. If my blog can create awareness and understanding that endo is real and it’s more than a bad period then I’m happy.

As we coming into April now ill leave you with the following videos enjoy:

Endometriosis NZ

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