Master The Art Of Self Care

I have found this topic super hard and a topic i took for granted, i worried about work, kids and how i was going to get through a day. I thought working and studying and still trying to push though the pain and the waves of nausea was just life and that is what you do my kids only ever had me and i was there positive role model in their life. I was so wrong as i changed careers, changed jobs and work my butt off to provide i was forgetting about me along the way, so something had to changed and one thing i dont like is having no control in my life and whats going to happen next.I had to make some hard choices i finally had a job i loved looking after people with disabilities and mental health,i studied through the toughest part of my journey to get qualified, i had all these goals planned out sadly my health was only getting worst and i could no longer do the things i once could i needed to take a break away from work.

Life is beautiful

Every day regardless of how bad i may feel or the pain i may be in i created a routine for my mornings:

  • I still get up have a shower and get dressed and put the make up on i may not going any where but it makes me feel good.
  • I have a hot Milo every morning and read Facebook or Instagram like its a newspaper
  • I do dishes and ensure the kitchen clean and process what will be for tea
  • I check my blog and try do a posting
  • I Check on my adult girls and video calls with grandson
  • I still try to be awake for my son who at high school in the mornings

I love camping and just getting away form it all im lucky i have a partner in crime who happy to do the same thing its time to reflect and feel some what normal and i love going to music concerts and just been with my kids and partner, all this does increase my pain levels and can wipe me out for days, for me it so important to have these times and connections not only for my self care also create memories and experiences

Self care is so important and i really stress to everyone to enjoy life and create positive changes and routines and remember there is more to life than work and been so caught up with the busy, you dont want to wake up and suddenly its to late.

I challange you to create some self care in your life

My life is a rather quite one now im working out this new me and what my limitations are and i dont plan my days anymore apart from odd holiday it gives me something to look forward, I have a small circle friends ones that understand me and not always can go out for lunch or movie, music is my escape and helps me get through the tough days, and s simple drive to the beach or a river and just sit there and take all the sounds in and the scenery are becoming my ways of looking after my self. I plan to go back to work and do some studies at this time its about me getting to manageable state and hoping the dr will figure out the blanks.

Whos up for a 30 day challange

I love to hear if your tried some new routines in your life or have you started a self care challange, i really urge everyone to stop and take a really good look at your selves and ask the ask questions

Do i look after my self ???

Do i practice self care enough???

What can i change???

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