Me as a Tree

Describe me as a tree

If i was a tree or had to describe me as a tree it would be New Zealands own xmas tree the Pohutukawa tree.

The Pohutukawa tree has the ability to grow in air over places looking for moisture, dirt and little crevices. To the Maori People it has a deep spiritual conection between the beginning and ending of human life, the red flowers represent the blood of a warrior called Tawhaki, sprit ancestor that showed the way from earth to heaven but fell and died in the process.

The pohutukawa tree has the most amazing red flowers and they only appear around christmas time. the leaves are shiny green bit fuzzy with sliver underneath and you cant miss seeing the Pohutukawa tree, growing along cliff tops, along the beaches of New Zealand.

Im a free spirit person and just like the Pohutukawa tree it grows where ever it finds a new place growing above cliff tops with out a care in the world, Just like the red flowers that appear around christmas is just like my hair bright pink//red hair i stand out in crowd just like the flowers.

The trunk is solid and has many thick branches they twisted and have many smaller branches interwined. Thats just like me my life has been full of twists and turns. Just like me i im solid and grounded, had many twists and turns in my life, just like the smaller branches that represent my family, acheivements, memories and experiences.

My favourite place to be is the beach the sense of calm, the smell of the ocean and just like the Pohutukawa tree thrives along the coastline. 

The Pohutukawa Tree stands  strong and has battled through the storms, wind and the rain just like me nothing will keep me down, i continue to stand tall and strong through all my own storms.


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