“Meet Pablo”

Meet Pablo, he’s my best friend and makes my bad days a little less lonley.

I never realized there is such thing as an emotional support cat I can understand the benefits and why cats and other animals are used to help us humans out.

There are so many benefits to having an emotional support cat like:

  • Companionship helps with those lonley days.
  • Reducing pain.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Lowers aniexty.
  • Sense of calm and been relaxed.
  • Helps with mental health like depression.

Adventures of Pablo aka demon mittens, he’s fussy as hell, everything is on her terms, has a foot fetish, attacks hands and has a pretty cool personality. He knows when I’m not well and he seems to know when I just need some snuggles with me.

What animal or animals do you have ? Share a photo 📸 📷

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