Memories…no two sets exactly the same, like fingerprints.

Day 7


Prompt of the Day

“Take this moment to appreciate how good old days provide comfort to you”

So we talking about memories, memories are our safe place they get us through the dark days. Memories can bring many emotions sad, happy but regardless they shaped us and made us into who we are today and for that made us grateful.

Think about all the things your done and as simle as sharing a joke with a friend, something your acheived, talking to your friend for hours, been a parent there always things that create memories.

Been chronically ill and relising that life goes so quickly i have learnt to caputure every moment is so important as this becomes a memory and sometimes the people that you have created that memory with pass or your children grow up or in my case things i cant do any more.

Im grateful for the following

  • The experiences i have given my children and shaped them for there futures
  • he experiences i have I can look back at my experiences and the things i have done and feel happy
  • My acheivements in life, graduting, career choices
  • The memories that are hard have givin me time to reflect and be thankful for as they shaped me into the person i am today
  • i am today on my bad days i can hold to the memories to get me thru and keep me motivated

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