Monday-fresh starts

My brand spanking Monday feature, yeap every Monday we going to be kicking every week off the right way. Better habits and creating a healthy mindset for the week.

Mondays are always a bit of struggle to start off the week, busy weekend,couple days off work. The alarm goes off and you just think I’ll hit the snooze button or your like come on really, think arghh Mondays come way to fast, don’t lie we all been there.

Monday 27 March- Every Sunday make a habit to allow a hour to work out your week like appointments,must dos,self care,budget,shopping list by doing this gives you idea of how your week will look and let’s show our alarm clocks some love instead of the hate they receive start small set for 10 minutes earlier and enjoy the moment of waking up, lie in bed with the curtains open take a moment to breath and take a few minutes to take in the sounds the awareness around the start of new week and new adventures that await.

Take the time to start the week strong and make Mondays count and add some healthy habits into your Monday.

Happy Monday people, this week take a photo of something green, share in the comment section,email me. Enjoy your week, stay safe and be positive.. …

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