Mother’s day 2021

Mother’s day for me is reminder that my own mother let me down and was not the best role model, unfortunately she will never admit this, been at least 6 years that I had anything to do with her and trust me it was not easy decision to make, walking away from toxic behavior and knowing my children should of been looked after instead it was the total opposite. I vowed from the day I left home I never be that mother and do right by my children.

Mother’s day 2021 has been one the best, breakie with my bestie and her hubby as this is her first mums day and becoming a mum has come with challenges for her and I’m so happy she got blessed with an amazing wee boy, spending time with them is the best as my partner said need to do it more. Every mother’s day always comes with homemade card form my youngest daughter and a wee plant and pizza for dinner. My partner got me a multi blender so home made smoothies are been created.

To all mums and the dad’s that doing the role, enjoy your day and remember it’s not about the presents, it’s about creating memories and reflecting and showing gratitude.

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