“Mumma bears reflection”

Part one

Who would of thought I would of got thru this last 18 months, I feel like I have been on a roller coaster and the dam thing broke and its just been on a continuous loop, the ups, downs,bumps explains my last 17 months

My mental health honestly has been crap and been testing me on all levels. I have had days where the thoughts of just giving up, fatigue, mind racing, sleepness nights, can’t eat 😢 absolutely brutal. I had lost my identity, confidence, strength I had nothing more to give let alone the constant fear and walking on egg shells, the feeling of been lost, trying to hold on to something that was essentially killing me inside and creating his ideal world.

I remember the day as clear as day the day that changed my life and everything I thought was ok was not. Early Saturday morning all hell broke loose and before I know it I’m cornered and the monster is looking at me and boom two punches to the face, something no child should ever see and knowing my son was on the ph to police it was at that point I new it was time to walk away for good.

What was about to come was going to be the biggest challenge I ever had to face, life was about to get turned upside down and shaken about I had to re learn, hard truths and get some much needed help and make the hardest decision of actually charging him.

Stay tuned for part two

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