“Mumma Bears Thursday”

Thursday starts off with the angry face on my sleep report and i did not get enough sleep, in short the mask was lacking suction like come on your already a pain in my ass. To be fair i did not want to get out of bed today my stress levels are high, my head is like a hamster wheel going round and round, stress is no good for my body and as much as try not stress the fiances just threw that out window this week and caused me to be grumpy and not 100 percent.

On a postive i got my butt in the shower and put the face on and off to get a wee tattoo, the communty centre are doing $35 dollar tattoos and 5 things of food and then this food goes back into the community, finally have my wee elephant for my first grandson.

My spunky grandson came to visit he always makes me smile, did some lunch,  i honestly just was nt feeling it today so i had a nana nap this afternoon before work, did it help not so much still feel like a zombie and a least a number 7 of feeling like crap as i write this im at work enjoying the quite and my crappy day is nothing on what my client goes through.

Thursday was not that exciting to be honest i managed to do what i needed to do, the reason i started sharing what a typical day looks like for me is for you get a better understanding there is no magic wand, there is no quick fix some days are better than others.


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